Granite SettsGranite Setts

Both new and reclaimed available in many sizes and shades. Large granite items such as Kerbs, Steps, Lintols, Posts and Plinths are also available.

400 tons packed in crate ready to go. Suitable for both domestic and civil engineering projects.

The natural colour range enhances any situation and transforms the ordinary garden into something special with a definite 'wow' factor when using granite setts.

The different sizes and colours allow for creativity and practicality when laid.

Buy them individually or by the crate, come and view the varieties available.

Large New Granite SettsLarge New Granite Setts Small New Granite SettsSmall New Granite Setts

Granite Coin StoresGranite Coin Stores

Large Reclaimed Granite SettsLarge Reclaimed Granite Setts Small Reclaimed Granite SettsSmall Reclaimed Granite Setts Pink Granite SettsPink Granite Setts