reclaimed bricksReclaimed Bricks

All types of reclaimed bricks available from stock and ready for use. New bricks are also available.

We've heard comments in our depot ‘If Hitchens haven’t got it, it doesn’t exist’.

Over 100,000 in stock cleaned, packed and 'ready to go'.

Our clients include the timber framed builder of the year and many barn conversion companies.

From 50 for a fireplace to 20,000 for a detached residence, all needs can be accommodated.

Carol Klein's brick garden was made from our reclaimed bricks and can be seen on Gardener's World on Friday evening when Carol is seen with her 'trainee gardeners'. The brick path looks as though it has been there for many years, fitting in so well with her lovely garden.

Using reclaimed bricks for a garden wall adds a very special look. Your plants will look their best beside the natural look of reclaimed bricks that will stand the test of time and receive compliments for years to come.

reclaimed bricks and reclaimed walling stoneReclaimed Bricks and Walling Stone reclaimed bricksReclaimed Bricks

reclaimed bricksReclaimed Bricks