Why Natural Stone?

reclaimed bricks

Whether you are building a new house or garden or just remodelling an existing home or garden, natural stone and reclaimed bricks create something beautiful and unique that is permanent and mellows over time, losing none of its characterful colour and texture. You are adding true value to your home.

Low maintenance

Natural stone is a key part of the main element of design in and around the home.  Low maintenance or no maintenance materials are the choice of home owners and buyers alike, and projects where natural stone and reclaimed bricks have been used help property values to be kept buoyant.

Wide range of colours

Externally natural stone is very versatile being used for paths and patios using paving and a wide range of colours, shapes and textures means there is a stone for every situation. It adds quality and beauty to its surroundings and sits comfortably in most situations.

Colour is an important aspect as it affects the overall look and mood of a space.  Heavily shaded areas would benefit from a lighter paving, whereas darker shades of natural stone would tone down an area which is very open and bright. There is a softness within its colour, which is pleasing to the eye and once laid will stay beautiful forever, no need to replace in future years as with concrete products.

Formal and informal areas

Natural stone works well in both formal and informal areas. Walls, pond surrounds and rockeries can all be built in a choice of natural stone which would enhance any design depending on location and schemes chosen.